KOASNL-Total quality management is an integrated system of principles, methods and best practices that provides a frame work for KOASNL main activities, which is focused on fire, safety and environmental protections, logistic supplies, installation and maintenance contracts. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) strive for excellence in every facet of our corporate operation. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) is a collection of principles, techniques, processes, and best practices that over time have been proven effective. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD.(KOASNL) exhibits the majority of products, and services that are typically identified and required by Nigerian industries, Oil and Gas companies.

KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) implementation is unique. This is great recipe for the company’s success, however shall be reviewed every two years. In order to ensure the competitiveness of (KOASNL). KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) Have signed distributorship agreement with manufacturers of fire safety and oil spill protection, logistics materials/equipment and machineries located in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, and middle East. Find below some of the said agreements and reputable manufacturer's products pages like Britannia fire at UK, NAFFCO/GERMANIA at Dubai UAE, SpillTech Environmental in cat USA, Innotex at Canada, POK at France, Productos at Spain, Philip and Smith at Newzeland, Jacinto at Portugal, just to mention a few. However they speak for our preparedness to satisfy customers demand. In addition to our ability to maintain large/high stock level in our showrooms and ware houses across the country.

These actually accorded us our distributorship status. Our company (KOASNL) quest for being major distributor to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). And recruitment of qualified and well trained personnel had improved our performance and responsiveness. (KOASNL) have keen interest in understanding customer’s needs, as well as resolving and identified needs with our OEM so as to provide effective and efficient solutions which will be timely enough to combat and retard most emergency situations like fire outbreak, oil spillage, air pollution/ toxicity etc. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) have processes that continuously collect, analyze and act on customer information. Activities are often extended to understanding competitor’s customers. Developing an intimate understanding of customer needs allows KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) to predict future customer market behavior. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) integrates customer knowledge with other information's and use the planning process to orchestrate action throughout the organization to manage day to day activities and achieve future goals. Plans are reviews at periodic intervals and adjusted as necessary.

The planning process is the glue that holds together all KOASNL activities. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) understand that customer will only be satisfied if they consistently receive products and services that meet their needs or are delivered when expected, and are priced for value. The COMPANY uses the techniques of process management to develop cost-controlled processes that are stable and capable of meeting customer expectations. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) also understand that exceptional performance today may be unacceptable performance in the future so they use the concepts of process improvement to achieve both breakthrough gains and incremental continuous improvement. Process improvement is even applied to the system itself. The final element of KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) mode list total participation. KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) understands that all work is performed through people. This begins with leadership. In KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) top management takes personal responsibility for implementing, nurturing and refining all activities.

They make use of people who are properly trained, capable and actively participate in achieving organizational success. Management and employees work together to create an empowered environment where people are valued. In line with our KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement, KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG LTD. (KOASNL) is committed to conducting its business in a manner that promotes the health and safety of its employees and all stake holders and assets, as well as protect the environment. Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Department is mainly responsible for the administration of corporate matters on occupational health, safety and environmental protection.

The unit tenders services that include Corporate Environmental protection and Safety Management, compliance with Corporate Safety standards, pollution control, fire protection, emergency preparedness and response conducts corporate-wide health, safety and environmental(HSE) awareness campaigns, enforcement of compliance, provide HSE consultancy to SBUs/CSUs, carry out compliance audit and HSE internal training as well as institutionalize health, safety and environment related culture in the corporation.

KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG. LTD. (KOASNL), the safety of our people, protection of our environment and assets are the main focus. Our first priority is the prevention of avoidable emergencies and such other incidents as fire disasters, oil spills, effluent discharges, gas emissions and releases, but when they do occur, we respond swiftly, learn from each incident and improve our readiness. We ultimately aim to achieve “goal zero” with zero incidents to ensure no harm to people and no harm to environment, zero emissions, zero spills, zero effluent discharges, zero fatalities and zero litigation. This we achieve through our standard health, safety and environment (HSE) practice which holistically improve over all business performance, enable us sustainable development, sustain positive corporate image and assure all stake holders of KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG. LTD. (KOASNL), corporate social responsibility and sustainable development initiates.

In continual demonstration of responsible HSE management practices in every aspect of our operations, we have advanced rapidly in the implementation of a comprehensive HSE management system (HSE-MS) corporate wide, enabling HSE risks to be mitigated and managed to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). HSE fits strategically in to KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG. LTD. (KOASNL), mandated by working in the best possible way to balance and integrate all aspects of environment and safety considerations into all KENSTEVE OILFEILD & ALLIED SERVICES NIG. LTD. (KOASNL), business objectives and decision. These considerations include among others, strong HSE management and performance in KENSTEVE OILFEILD ALLIED SERVICES NIG. LTD. (KOASNL), engineering design, construction and technology selection, continuous development and training. In this regards, we maintain an effective synergy with all our units for effective coordination and monitoring of all aspects of safety and environment in engineering project and operations.

Engr. Kenechukwu Lawrence N.
Managing Director/CEO